Everyday people need our help, some we can help but others are on the other side of the world, Change.org makes use of the internet, it gives people a voice, it shows our governments that we care, that we won’t let the things they do go unnoticed.

Now, you’re probably thinking what good does signing a petition online? see below for what good putting your name down does!


Saudi Arabia has some of the strictest laws on the planet, Mr Karl Andree was unfortunately caught with alcohol that is prohibited under sharia law and was sentenced to 1 year in prison and 350 lashes.

My personal view this is over the top as Mr Andree was 75 and retired, one mistake could have cost him everything, and thanks to Change.org and the 257,956 people who signed his petition to get it stopped due to fears from his family he wouldn’t be able to cope with the lashes.

help - rJlpLZikOmuPshY-800x450-noPad - These people need your help!

We see going to school as a horrible thing, in countries that have good infrastructure and a booming economy we don’t want too, we take education for granted, but without school, we wouldn’t be able to read, write do maths or just progress in our lives.

Other countries have to fight for the most basic of things, food, water, Human Rights, Education the list goes on.

But thanks to a petition on Change.org poorer countries now have an opportunity to free education, a chance to learn!

These are just some of the achievements made possible thanks to Change.org and the people who signed the petitions, but more people need help, there are always people that need help!

Here are some that need help, all it takes is your name, for something so simple it can have big results!


These are just a fraction of people in need, for various reasons from around the world.

You can help them, you don’t need to worry about major commitments, the only thing they ask is that you sign the petition!



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