Human Rights & Freedom.
Things we don’t think about because we have it, and have had it for a long time, but people are still fighting for just that, sometimes, we need to take a step back out of busy life to see what is happening, but doing is not that simple.

Luckily, there are people and organisations out there dedicating themselves for this exact thing, for this post, I’m talking about Amnesty International .

A couple of days ago an envelope fell out of the newspapers that arrived where I work, all black, with some text that automatically looked at first, it read “THROW AWAY THIS ENVELOPE”, I took a second look, just above it, it says “A LOT OF PEOPLE WANT YOU TO”.

At this point, I’m curious, what is it, they so boldly written “THROW AWAY THIS ENVELOPE”, I open the letter, and I start reading…

The Letter



Dear friend,

There are so many people who want you to stop reading right now.

Like the man in Romania who runs a sex trafficking business. He doesn’t want you to know his biggest market is in the UK. Or the judge in Sudan who sentenced a pregnant woman to be hanged when she didn’t recant her fait.

Then there’s the Iranian officer who sentences accused adulterers to death by stoning. He doesn’t want you to read this letter because he wants to stay in the shadows.

And the militia commander in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He doesn’t want you to know that he orders his men to rape woman and girls as a tactic to ‘humiliate’ the enemy.

As for the executioner in Saudi Arabia. he doesn’t want you to know he publicly flogs a man every Friday just because he blogged about freedom. He beats the man’s back and legs 50 times. He intends to deliver 1,000 lashes over 20 weeks.

These are all real people. Every day they are going about their business, inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people.

Its quiet surprising, well at least it surprised me, In England, we take a lot for granted, while others have to fight for everything, we shouldn’t have to have organisations to fight for freedom, for human right, no one should be able to dictate who’s worth more than who, yet it happens, governments turn a blind eye, or are powerless to do something, country’s that are this dysfunctional shouldn’t be protected and the planet as a whole should be helping.

But, the world doesn’t run like that, we could stop most problems in a week that are effecting us, but its down to money and power.


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